About Us

When in 1987 I resigned from the well paid job to challenge my fate and build the new reality, not many believed in my success.

But the first contacts with offices, institutions and finally with the Law proved that Meng and economist quite smoothly moved into the world of business organization and rapidly growing tax structure.

At my friends suggestion whom I often helped with the accountancy I have decided to start up my own business activity in November 1995. After the Tax Advisers’ act came into force following events occurred quickly. I have won clients not by keeping an eye on their taxes or accounts documentation but by helping them to co-create their businesses.

Some of them have been my clients up to the present day so they can prove my words. I have been trying to get as much information about their businesses as possible. But the world around is changing. Membership and active participation in association of tax advisers in Katowice brought about the new quality: the first in Silesia and surely one of the first in Poland, fusion of four tax offices which gave rise to tax advisers partnership – GRNB-partner sp. z o.o. Over these seven years of cooperation and management we have been awarded and praised among others. Mostly the most honourable award took place when Gazeta Prawna placed us on 18th place in 2006 and in 3rd in 2007 (employers with 3-9 employees) and Rzeczpospolita in 2006 on 12th place and in 2007 on 22nd place.

However I am spreading my vision of tax advising onto the individual way of development with Tax-US office. The last thing to say is to encourage you for our mutual cooperation.

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