Companies are generally interested in comprehensive services which is reasonable as they are usually cheaper, although the price cannot be excessively low if the service is customized.

To satisfy our customers we cooperate both on regular basis and occasionally with experienced and young:

  • statutory auditors,
  • lawyers,
  • authorized accountants,
  • experts in duty and excise tax,
  • experts in real estate,
  • experts in health and safety at work regulations and fire regulations,
  • octors authorized to examine employees.

Different stocks providers as well.

Our services ranges to providing documentation of:

  • account books,
  • income and cost registers,
  • tax registers,
  • flat tax documentation,
  • rental documentations,

And practically all kinds of documentation which is required by supervising fiscal agencies.
We carry out all kinds of personnel and employees’ documentation connected with social security. In these cases we also cooperate with lawyers specializing in labor law and social security, insurance brokers, multi-agencies as well as financial advisers.

In tax consultancy we mostly deal with:

  • tax inspections,
  • representing taxpayers during tax inspections,
  • companies representation at controlling organs and in tax procedures (we have already carried out over 1000 cases and thus even stopped counting them),
  • legal administration in administrative procedures including filing complaints to regional Administrative Courts (Wojewódzki Sąd Administracyjny)as well as to National Administrative Court (Naczelny Sąd Administracyjny) – we have already gone through 200 such cases,
  • tax audits( similar to inspections conducted by tax organs but more detailed and far less expensive),
  • tax optimization (understood as a process of making sound decisions at the right moment regarding the enterprise including choosing the right forms of taxation),
  • documentation of transfer prices,
  • auditing if the documenting is justified,
  • assessment of connections between business entities,
  • completing documentation in case of income disclosure when the source of income is difficult to point out and the proper records of assets transfers are lacking,
  • writing pleadings in tax cases,
  • informing about penal/fiscal consequences caused by tax offences and illegalities,
  • consulting are representing the customer in enforcement of administrative proceedings,
  • arranging closed training courses for companies’ accounting departments in the field of tax and balance accounting with special attention drawn to year-end settlement, instructing in Labour Code and the National Labour Inspectorate, requirements, courses for executives and managers of companies regarding their responsibilities. The courses may be conducted at our venue or at other locations.
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